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Vietnamese born Dao Minh Doan is an American architect in California. He has a natural knack for artistic endeavors such as painting, in which he explores different subjects in various media, from water color to pastel, acrylic, pencils and ink. In his spare time he loves to write poetry in different languages, as well as articles and essays on a variety of subjects, from social, romantic to political. his frequent travels around the world (United Sates, Western Europe, China, Vietnam) also provide him with numerous opportunities to indulge in another passion: photography.

Architecte américain d'origine vietnamienne, Dao Minh Doan vit en Californie. C'est un artiste-né qui aime faire de la peinture en divers médias (acrylique, pastel, aquarelle, crayons, encre, mix-media). Dans ses temps de loisir, il écrit aussi des poèmes et des articles sur des sujets variés, que ce soit dans le domaine social, romantique ou politique. Ses multiples déplacements dans le cadre de son travail lui donnent l'opportunité de voyager vers d'autres horizons (Europe de l'Ouest, Chine, Vietnam…) et lui permettent de développer également une autre passion : la photographie.
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One of Dao's great passion is to "dabble" in pure art forms. Over the years he has created a sizable collection of his own artworks in various media. He taught himself watercolor and pastel, and excels at pen and ink and charcoal. He frequently prepares hand sketches, both architectural for his professional work, and various other subjects for pleasure or as gifts to family and friends

Sample Artworks

Dragon and Day
Watercolor on paper, 1998

The Dream Merchant
Watercolor on paper, 1997

Bottom: Window
Pastel on paper, 1997

After graduation from college, Dao enrolled in night classes at local community colleges to further his skill at life drawings. Among his other artistic "hobbies" are photography, of various subjects, but naturally with architecture as a common and recurring one. He is fascinated with the challenge of "expressing" feelings through his artworks. Sometimes he would include writings of his own, i.e. poems in his paintings, the contents of which become the subject matter of the piece of art.

Dance of the
Watercolor on paper, 1998

The Sand Sweeper
Pastel on paper, 1998

Full Circle
Watercolor on paper, 1998

Dao's subject matters tend toward surrealistic depictions of the mundane world, while at the same time attempting to express human emotions and thoughts. Dao has also mastered the technique of matting for all his own artworks, which allows him to exercise more freedom to present them, often raising questions as to what is real and what is not, blurring the lines where art starts and its boundaries, examplifi ed by frames and mattings, end.

The Client
Watercolor on pre-cast plaster, 1996

Masked World
Watercolor on paper, 1994

A Tribute to Rosa Parks 'Prisma' color pencils on paper, 2005

At times Dao explores with unusual media, such as creating artworks out of samples of construction materials. He also likes to depict social issues important to him in his artworks, or fi nds ways to present philosophical views central to his thinking.

Pastel on paper, 2007

Pastel on paper, 2007

Still Life with
Two Bowls Watercolor on paper, 1999

Mending the Fabric
Watercolor on paper, 1999

Pen and ink sketch on napkin, 2005

Aside from learning to master art techniques, Dao frequently takes on another challenge in art creation: how to go beyond creating art for art's sake, how to tell a 'story' underlying the art work. The following pieces are some examples of such attempts.

Computer manipulated photo, 2007

G'night Phila

Original, 2006

In his frequent travels across the country as well as the world, Dao's presented with numerous opportunites to use his interest in photography to capture special moments, composing them in ways similar to how he paints, with a 'twisted' view of the world somehow, in how both the lighting condition and the perspective lines are captured.

Phila Museum of Art, 2006

The Puzzle of
Life Watercolor on paper, 1999